2pcs Easy Use Automatic Plant Waterer Automatic Plant Watering(HHI-371354)

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О товаре

Self Watering Probes are a simple and effective way of watering your plants while you are on vacation

Just soak them in water for a couple of minutes to prepare the tips, then insert the probes into the soil of your potted plants and place the hose ends in a water reservoir nearby

The water will be slowly emitted through the ceramic cones, automatically watering your plants without the need to set timers or worry about electronic devices being turned on while you are away

Using no power source, this high-quality, European-design but made in China plant waterer will automatically keep a potted plant's soil at the optimum moisture level

The spike is used by, just filling the ceramic cone with water, putting the cap on and push the cone into the soil

Then place the supply hose in a nearby container of wate

It will now draw water into the pot as the plant needs it

As the water in the clay cone is drawn into the dry soil, it creates a vacuum that pulls more water in through the supply hose

It's perfect for watering any indoor plant

Great for people who travel and want to make sure their plants are properly watered

Large planters will need two or more plant waterers