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H Trnsren Sexy Bxers fr Men(NUM-206317)

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Season: Spring/Autumn, Summer, Winter, Whole Year Materials: Polyester Style: Boxers Weight \ Height 160CM 165CM 170CM 175CM 180CM 185CM 190CM 45KG S S S S M M M 50KG S S S S/M S/M M M 55KG M S/M S/M S/M M L L 60KG M M M M M/L L XL 65KG L L L M/L L L XL 70KG XL XL L/XL L/XL L/XL XL XL 75KG XXL XXL XL/XXL XL XL XL XL 80KG XXL XXL XXL XL/XXXL XL XL XL 85KG XXL XXL XXL XXL XXL XXL XXL 90KG XXXL XXXL XXXL XXL XXL XXL XXL How to use the size chart and body measurement sketch? To select the right size matching you best, please check our body measurement sketch first to see how body is measured, then go to the size chart and choose your corresponding size

Please note that the measurement we offer in the chart refers to body measurement only, not clothing measurement

It would be recommended if you take your measurement according to body measurement sketch